Sofi: The future of financial health

Your customer can choose how to pay and you can choose how to receive!

With artificial intelligence and data-driven strategy, Sofi helps your company improve customer relationships by directly managing accounts receivable, reducing delinquency and receiving payments faster and more efficiently.

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Improve your results by improving the lives of your customers

Boost your recovery with the right message, at the right time and channel.

Our purpose is to promote a healthy financial life. For this, we help companies to receive payments on time and those in default to negotiate their debts with financial education. In the end, we create better financial futures for everyone involved.

Financial setbacks don't last forever

Satisfied customers yes!

We create brand loyalty experiences, increasing conversion rates and encouraging users to pay on time.

Track the most important KPIs for your business

Accurate and up-to-date information for making the right decisions

At Sofi, you can monitor the main KPIs of your operation in real time through customized dashboards.

Debt collection with empathy and personalization

Build the perfect plan for your business.

Plug n' Play

You don't need development. Uploading your database can be through file exchange or API, with a focus on agility, security and performance.


All reminders are on the user's preferred channel: SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, email or social media.


Flexible payment plans and options to meet each user's individual needs and support recovery expectations.


Sofi's AI interacts across multiple channels providing an omnichannel experience for its users.

Machine Learning

Sofi's artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm continuously optimizes strategies to maximize results and automatically match payment offers.

Data Intelligence

The cutting edge technology we use at Sofi enables great transparency and data-driven decision making.

Payment Gateways

We offer several online payment methods with PCI DSS certification.

Sofi's Bot

All negotiations in the user's preferred channel through a simple, easy and humanized experience! Sofi's platform ensures complete security and the highest standards of compliance.

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